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Prevention is Key (formerly known as “Morris County Prevention is Key”) is a private non-profit 501©3 charitable organization dedicated to empowering every individual we serve to live a healthy lifestyle. We offer a holistic and person-centric, public-health approach, focused on empowering the community, neighbors, friends and family members to strive for a life of good health and well-being by creating accessibility to our impactful programs and services.

History of Prevention is Key

Our Mission

The mission of Prevention is Key is to promote a healthy lifestyle for every person by helping others, changing lives and making a difference through education, advocacy, passion and a support system.

Our Vision

The vision of Prevention is Key is to perpetually empower every person in the community we serve to live a healthy lifestyle by creating accessibility to impactful programs and services.

Prevention is Key impacts the individual by…

  • Educating children on living a healthy lifestyle
  • Offering programs for individuals with addiction or in recovery to aim for a life free from use
  • Creating a community for those in recovery where they can live free from stigma
  • Providing peer emotional support for individuals in recovery

Prevention is Key impacts the community by…

  • Bringing community awareness to the volume of individuals affected by addiction
  • Providing programs for children in school-settings that instills a healthy way of life
  • Offering services to individuals with an addiction by keeping them healthy and free from relapse
  • Educating area businesses about the importance of understanding drug use, addiction and how their awareness can impact their bottom line
  • Reducing underage drinking and teen drug use

Prevention is Key impacts the economy by…

  • Lowering the taxpayer contribution to support those with drug or alcohol addiction or in recovery
  • Lowering the cost of government services for DUI programs by reducing the number of drivers under the influence of alcohol and other substances on the road