Cannabis 101

Audience: Professionals and parents

The Next Generation of Tobacco Addiction: This workshop provides information for professional and parents on the current trends of e-cigarette use in youth and young adults. The presentation will include information on the generations of e-cigarettes and an update on JUUL. Resources for further information and cessation will be discussed.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Audience: Parents and community

Hidden in Plain Sight is an interactive presentation centered around a teenager’s bedroom. This program allows parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, and other adults to explore a mock teenager’s bedroom to see and identify drug paraphernalia and hiding places along with other signs that may indicate alcohol or other drug use by a teen. As part of the program, prevention specialists, along with a peer, guide attendees through a mock bedroom to explain various substance use trends, signs, symptoms, and lingo in an effort to bring awareness to the realities of youth substance use as well as sharing local resource options.   

Parents Who Host Lose the Most

Audience: Parents, community, businesses

Public awareness campaign educating communities and parents about the health and safety risks of serving alcohol to teens using social marketing.

Strengthening Families program

Strengthening Families (SFP)

Audience: Morris County families

Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is a FREE 7 week program for the whole family that focuses on connecting family members through fun activities and games to bring families closer and build upon their unique set of skills. The program provides support for parents and interactive groups for children ages 5-11 and for teens 12-17 that focus on enhancing communication skills between family members. SFP helps the family increase their ability to express their feelings and concerns to one another. Each session of this program offers FREE meal for the whole family to enjoy as well as FREE childcare for children under 5 years old! 

Strengthening Families Logp

Tackling Opioids Through Prevention for Athletes (TOP)

Audience: Parents and community

TOP (Tackling Opioids through Prevention) for Athletes is intended to help raise awareness of opioid use among student athletes, and to provide evidence-based information to strengthen policies and practices within schools, athletic departments and community-based athletic programs.

The Tackling Opioids Through Prevention for Athletes (TOP) Toolkit provides key information to school administrators and communities to support best practices for student athletes in an effort to reduce the use and misuse of prescription opioids among this high-risk population. This toolkit is intended to help guide and raise awareness of opioid use and abuse among young student athletes and to provide evidence-based recommendations and information that will encourage and promote policy and practice changes that will strengthen schools, athletic departments, and community-based athletic programs.

Download the TOP Toolkit

Wellness Initiative for Senior Education (WISE) Program

Audience: Older adults (60+)

The WISE program is an evidence-based wellness and prevention program targeting older adults. The program is designed to help older adults in NJ celebrate healthy aging, make healthy lifestyle choices, and avoid substance misuse. It provides valuable educational services to older adults on topics including nutrition and exercise, medication use, stress management, depression, and substance misuse. The curriculum is designed to take place once per week over a six-week period. Each lesson is 2 hours and includes a meal and a gift card incentive for each participant.

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