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For immediate help, call our 24/7 support line at 973-625-1143.   

Recovery Services 

At Prevention is Key we know that the path of recovery is different for everyone—and we are committed to finding new ways to address this critical issue through support services, education, and community-powered programs. Our goal is to help those that struggle with substance misuse or with substance use disorder (SUD) find recovery and live healthier, more fulfilling lives, empower friends and family to understand their role in supporting their loved ones, and bring members of the community together to break the cycle of substance misuse.  

Our range of free services includes: 

Recovery Coaching 

PIK offers recovery coaching services that pair Certified Peer Recovery Specialists with those seeking recovery on a one-on-one basis to offer support, help remove barriers, and provide valuable resources as they rebuild their lives. Beyond providing a supportive hand or an empathetic ear, recovery coaching follows a formalized approach that caters to the unique needs, circumstances, and goals of the individual. Schedule your session here.  

Case Management 

We partner with each individual to assess their unique circumstances, create a plan of action, and coordinate care to help them meet their comprehensive wellness needs. Our goal is to promote the individual’s safety and ensure they cost-effectively receive a high quality of care. This highly customized program benefits the individual, their support system, the healthcare delivery system, and the greater community.  

Telephone Recovery Support (TRS) 

TRS is an innovative peer-to-peer support service that facilitates ongoing telephone touchpoints between the individual seeking recovery and a member of the CARES (Center for Addiction Education and Success) team. Each week, a member of the CARES team reaches out to the individual to see how they’re doing and provide any relevant information, such as community resources, pathways to recovery, or other support that may help address any challenges they may be facing at the time. Click here to schedule a call! 

Narcan Training 

We prepare individuals at-risk for overdose, their family members, friends, loved ones, and professionals with naloxone kits, education, and training on how to prevent, recognize and respond appropriately to an opioid overdose. Virtual training is available. Email to register. 

Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) 

PIK is proud to have been chosen by the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General to introduce Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) projects in Irvington & Phillipsburg, NJ, to establish a new system of response and care for people who cycle in and out of the criminal justice system. Through LEAD, police officers exercise discretionary authority at point of contact to divert individuals to a community-based harm reduction intervention for law violations driven by unmet behavioral health needs. In lieu of the normal criminal justice system cycle—booking, detention, prosecution, conviction, incarceration—individuals will be referred into a trauma-informed case management program where the individual receives a wide range of support services, often including substance use disorder treatment, mental health counseling, housing, transportation, health care, benefits, vocational training, education, employment, and legal services. 

Contact Information 

Members of our team are available to answer any questions, provide more information, and steer you in the right direction. For immediate support, call our CARES support line at 973-625-1143. We can also be reached at 973-625-1998,, or