Erika Shortway headshot

Erika Shortway

Title: Director of Recovery Support Services

Department: CARES


Extension: 128

What are your primary duties? To empower, support and lead the amazing team and community at CARES. To oversee, create and manage recovery and harm reduction initiatives at CARES. To make sure we are continuing to provide an atmosphere of radical love and connection to all, where all feel safe and supported on their path.

Where did you go to school and what did you study? This is not a unique story; However, I feel it’s important to share. I started my college education straight out of high school, pursing a BA in Humanities. I completed only one semester before my addiction took over. It took me 10 years and a path of recovery to kick start my education. I am still in the process of pursuing lost dreams. As of today, I have completed continuing education at Morris County Community College (Harvard on the Hill) to become a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I started back pursuing a degree and have completed the both the CCAR and CPRS training and have become a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist.

How many years have you worked in the field? 7 1/2

Why do you work in the field? Besides becoming a mother, working as a peer in this field has become my purpose in life. Being able to turn some of the most painful experiences I have gone through into a message of hope and inspiration is not only healing for my own process, but spiritually rewarding to see others use it for their own healing. I am forever grateful for the CPRS perspective that has softened my heart and mind to be a more effective helper in the world.