Joe Bixel

Title: Certified Peer Recovery Specialist


My name is Joe and I am a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist. I work in all different areas at Cares. Whether being dispatched to an Overdose call to provide peer support to a recoveree, Narcan training or making support calls. My favorite task is running the ALL RECOVERY meetings CARES provides that are held on Zoom. During these times people rely on these meetings and I am so glad they are offered to our community.

I attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY. I studied Occupational Studies and after graduation I spent 15 years working in NYC at some of the greatest hotels and restaurants  and eventually moving out to Austin Texas to open my dream restaurant.

During my time there I was prescribed painkillers for a small knee injury that I sustained during a TOUGH MUDDER event. I found myself wanting more and more and did not understand why. This led me down a path that took everything I had worked for away. I was lucky enough to have family guide me into a facility that saved my life.

After treatment i made a decision to “Try Out” this CPRS thing i had heard about. I am still not sure how all of this happened but it seemed like the path had already been laid out for me. I work with people on their worst days. I want them to know that better days will come and no matter what is happening my phone is always on and i will always pick up. I work in this field because I believe I offer services that give people hope.Being a CPRS is a constant learning experience. I am so grateful to CARES and all of the people that I work with.