Joseph Rivera

Title: Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (training to be a patient navigator)

Department: CARES

What are your primary duties? My duties consist of getting those who are looking for help on their recovery journey started in the right direction. That may consist of finding the pathway to recovery that fits their needs the best. I also work hard to give a great quality of recovery coaching to those looking for that one-on-one type of care. At CARES, I enjoy working in the Telephone Recovery Support program, which enables us to stay in touch with those in the community who gave us permission to reach out.

Where did you go to school and what did you study? I am currently finishing my degree at William Paterson University (I have one class left!). I will have a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and I will go on to graduate school in order to finish a Master’s in Social Work.

How many years have you worked in the field? I have worked in the field for three years now.

Why do you work in the field? My passion for helping others has led me here, ever since I started working in a recovery center in Paterson, New Jersey almost four years ago. I have felt that working in recovery is where I always should have been. My hero and role model is my mother; her example has set a precedent for the type of life I am currently living.