Alexander Lakatos

Alexander Lakatos is a local photographer and a person in recovery from substance use. Through living one day at a time, he has put together over five years of living a life of wellness. For most of his life, he was homeless and only had the clothes on his back. He knows what frigid winters and scorching summers are like with no shelter. He knows what it’s like to not know where his next meal was coming from or if he would even have one.  He knows what it feels like to be spiritually bankrupt and broken. It took years for him to have the desire to stop using drugs and a few more years to start putting the work in. It wasn’t until he fully surrendered that he got and stayed in recovery. By taking one minute at a time, Alex started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. He slowly started to gain the gifts of recovery. He finally had a place to lay his head at night, food on the table and a glimpse of hope. All for the first time in many years.  Recovery has gifted Alex a life he never thought he would or could ever have.

Today, Alex has the ability to explore different interests and hobbies. Pursuing photography has turned into a passion. Alex captures the beauties of this world whenever he gets the chance. He will climb the tallest mountain and hike the longest trails if it means he can reap the reward of an amazing photo at the end.

Alex’s story completely encapsulates the spirit of the box: HOPE!

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