Is your loved one struggling with substance misuse? While they’re on their recovery journey, we have support for both them and you.

Prevention is Key’s (PIK) Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) helps families and friends cope with the challenges of having a loved one with problematic substance misuse. CRAFT is led by trained peer facilitators and teaches families, friends, and loved ones how to improve their own health and wellness by using positive reinforcement to problem solve and by replacing old behavior patterns with new positive ways to communicate.

CRAFT’s goals:

  • Get your loved one into treatment
  • Decrease your loved one’s substance misuse
  • Support your selfcare while you support your loved one’s recovery

70% of people who go through the CRAFT program are successful in getting their loved ones into treatment.

CRAFT is an evidence-based family program that includes weekly one-on-one meetings and group sessions during a twelve (12) week period. It can help before your loved one enters treatment, while they are in treatment, after treatment, and even if they choose not to enter treatment or seek help.

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This program is free for Passaic, Morris, Burlington, and Essex County residents.

Help your loved one by helping yourself.

To learn more about this program, please contact our CRAFT Coordinator, Pietro Lombardo, at or call (973)625-1143.

Here are some additional resources to help guide you:


Reflecting on the Philosophy of Peer Work

The mutuality created between “one alcoholic talking to another” has been the cornerstone of recovery since 1935.  Webster’s dictionary defines “mutuality” using the following words: “the quality of being mutual” and “a sharing of sentiments; intimacy”.


Roff Institute at CARES

Course Description: The CPRS is our flagship training, laying out the foundational principles of CARES; empowering recovering individuals to use their own lived experience to help others struggling with alcohol and drug problems. These individuals may be in recovery themselves, family or friends or simply allies in the field of addiction and recovery.

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