Operation Helping Hand

Operation Helping Hand logoOperation Helping Hand is a statewide initiative, run in each county and funded by the Attorney General’s office.  It involves a working partnership between law enforcement and the local recovery community.  Operation Helping Hand is two-fold: an arrest model and a non-arrest model.  During an Operation Helping Hand program, officers will arrest people that are purchasing illicit substances.  When the individuals are brought to the police station for processing, Certified Peer Recovery Specialists from CARES begin to build a relationship with them; as well as, creating a recovery wellness plan. 

NJ prosecuters office badgePart of the process may include navigation to treatment and recovery support services.  Though the charges are not dropped, if the individual accepts help, every effort is made to place him or her on the path to recovery.  In the non-arrest model, officers and Certified Peer Recovery Specialists engage with the community to provide recovery support services prior to an arrest being made.  Types of settings for engagement include, but are not limited to, panel discussions, post narcan reversals, community outreach and events. 

This program is possible by the Morris County Prosecutors Office and NJ Office of the Attorney General.

To learn more about this program, please contact us at (973) 625-1143.