Adolescents involved in organized sports may be more likely or at a higher risk to misuse opioid medications because of their increased risk for injury. Despite the positive benefits young athletes gain from participating in organized sports, sports participation may actually put some adolescents at risk for substance use because of increased access to pain medications. Given the elevated risk of injury, adolescents who participate in organized sports would be more likely to have been prescribed opioid medications compared to their non-participating peers. The Tackling Opioids through Prevention for Athletes Toolkit has been developed to help support schools and communities respond to addressing this opioid epidemic among this high risk group.

Goal: The Tackling Opioids through Prevention (TOP) for Athletes toolkit is intended to help guide and raise awareness of opioid use and abuse among young student athletes and to provide evidence-based recommendations and information that will encourage and promote policy and practice changes that will strengthen schools, athletic departments and community based athletic programs

The County Coalition for Safe & Healthy Morris provides technical assistance on the use of the TOP toolkit and to learn more about trainings, resources and materials to support your efforts in implementing evidence-based programs, policies and interventions directly related to student athletes. Presentations are available to athletic directors, coaches, youth sports program administrators, and school administrators such as principals, superintendents, and boards of education who determine and administer policies within their schools or districts.