Invitation to Change (ITC)

The Center for Changes’ “A science and kindness approach” presentation by Dr. Rachel Projansky attracted an in-person packed house on October 11th, 2023. The ITC Approach is grounded in compassion, connection, and the understanding that families and professionals can have a powerful helping impact on individuals struggling to change. 

Introducing the pillar of understanding ITCchallenges attendees to consider how behavior, even problematic behavior, makes sense. Exploring the various goals, needs and options allowed attendees to recognize that one size doesn’t fit all – and ambivalence is normal. 

Moving into action, Dr. Projansky explored various communication and behavior tools. Allowing attendees, the opportunity to practice, visualize, and discuss in a group setting prior to implementation.  Dr.Projansky ensures to explore various directions these conversations and behaviors may take – emphasizing tools to utilize for all. 

Bringing in the awareness pillar allowed attendees to focus on their own self-awareness, willingness, and self-compassion. Recognizing the impact, the change process has on oneself, tools to combat the impact and increase self-compassion. 

The Invitation to Change: A Science and Kindness approach encourages the consideration that:

“We cannot cause growth: we can only create a climate in which growth can take place…” – Gary L. McIntosh CCSHM aims to create a climate for growth and appreciates all that are part of this change. Continue the conversation with CCSHM’s book club