Jefferson Two School District first in Morris County to be trained in The Attuned School Approach!

The Jefferson Township Youth Coalition is excited to announce, this month, the Jefferson Township School District will be participating in The Institute of the Center for Great Expectations’, The Attuned School Approach Training! The Attuned School Approach (ASA) creates a culture wherein positive attributes are identified and nurtured, where brain function is optimized through both awareness of one’s emotional state and the ability to regulate it effectively. The learning community is one of mutual respect and support, where a growth mindset infuses a “can-do” energy to maximize achievement and satisfaction,” CGE. The ASA combines three evidence-informed methodologies while addressing the key components of social-emotional learning for kids (K1-12) and their school communities. We are excited that by the end of the month, each school in Jefferson Township will be the first district in Morris County to be trained in this program to become more attuned and resilient in the community.