Prevention is Key Receives Funding from the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration to build a CARES Recovery Corps.

Rockaway, N.J. (June 15, 2021) – Prevention is Key (PIK), a north Jersey-based non-profit substance misuse prevention agency, announced today that it has received a Building Communities of Recovery (BCOR) grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to support its CARES Recovery Corps project.

Through its CARES Recovery Corps project, PIK aims to develop, build and expand recovery capital and enhance the recovery ecosystem in Morris and Passaic Counties through peer-to-peer recovery support. Running through May 30, 2024, the program will receive $200,000 annually over the next three years.

PIK’s CARES Recovery Corps will serve those currently in or pursuing recovery from substance use disorder (SUD) in Morris and Passaic Counties, with plans to:

  • Foster local relationships between recovery networks and other recovery support services (RSS)
  • Recruit and train 120 individuals as Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (CPRS) and provide 500 internship hours
  • Organize a team of Recovery Ambassadors dedicated to reducing the stigma associated with SUD
  • Enhance and increase access to recovery support services tailored to the needs of the community
  • Develop and sustain a knowledgeable, volunteer-driven community to provide education and outreach on SUD-related issues

“Thanks to the generosity of our colleagues at SAMHSA, we are taking yet another crucial step in combatting the serious issue of substance use disorder in the community,” said Christopher Goeke, Executive Director, PIK. “We look forward to expanding our recovery support resources as we help those seeking recovery, and their families, break away from the devastating effects of addiction.”

“The Building Communities of Recovery Grant opportunity is a game changer for communities most in need of recovery support services. Through its funding we will be training residents in Morris and Passaic counties in the Certified Peer Recovery Specialist curriculum and empowering them to deliver much needed recovery support to those struggling with substance use disorder in their own communities.  Our vision is to equip residents with the tools they need to help their friends, neighbors and family members who may be struggling to find a path of recovery.”

About Prevention Is Key

Prevention is Key (PIK) is a 501(c)3 organization that has successfully delivered culturally competent, evidence-based prevention services in Morris County and the surrounding counties for almost 25 years. The agency was founded in 1989 to coordinate substance misuse prevention in Morris County.  From our roots as a resource center and awareness campaigns with a modest budget, to our current implementation of both direct service and environmental change strategies, including our recent addition of the Center for Addiction Recovery and Success (CARES) Peer to Peer Recovery Center, has made PIK the premiere substance misuse prevention agency in north central New Jersey. For more information visit