Prevention Programs

Individual on virtual meeting

As Covid-19 continues to shift the paradigm of education and prevention programs, Prevention is Key has continued to adapt and change with the needs of the Morris County residents. Normally, Prevention is Key offers a plethora of programs to be done throughout schools in the county, as well as programs to be delivered to the community. These programs are all evidence based and utilize a curriculum to offer different lesson plans. Trained facilitators from Prevention is Key implement the programs, but as schools and big gathering points remain closed, Prevention is Key adapted to the times. Currently, Prevention is Key has adapted two programs and a presentation to be offered virtually. 

Life Skills is a program designed for students in grades three through six. It is an eight lesson long program, generally offered as one lesson per week. Topic themes include identifying what peer pressure is and how to overcome it, how the media uses false marketing and advertising to sell their products, the dangers of vaping, and more. Life Skills is designed to develop the coping skills and general “Life Skills” needed to teach students how to live a healthy life, both physically and mentally. The program offers many activities to make the lessons fun and interactive. This program was converted into an easy to use PowerPoint guide that maintains being able to be interactive with the students.

For the older middle school students, We’re Not Buying It 2.0 (WNBI 2.0) has also been converted to a PowerPoint accessible presentation. We’re Not Buying It 2.0 is designed for students in sixth to eighth grade. This program teaches students about media’s influence on their decisions. Students are taught about different media techniques so they can be informed in their decisions. We’re Not Buying It 2.0 educates students about the misinformation and the often misrepresentation of alcohol and drugs. Aside from the media, students are taught about the dangers of hosting parties, drinking and driving, and misusing substances such as prescription medicine and marijuana.

Aside from school based programs, Prevention is Key has worked on developing a shortened vaping presentation that allows for health educators to teach their students the dangers of vaping. This program is about a 40 minute long presentation that could be delivered in the equivalent of a class period. The vaping presentation includes media marketing and informs students of the similarities of vaping with cigarettes. The goal of the presentation is to have students leave being more informed of what is in a vape and the dangers that can come from using these products.

If you are interested in learning more about these programs and what Prevention is Key can offer to your schools, please contact program coordinator, Patrice Reilly at Together, we can adapt to the needs of our students and provide life changing education. Prevention is Key is here for you during these shifting time.