Prevention’s Kick Off to Summer Event!

By: Mean Souter, Preventionist

Prevention program participants attended the 5th Annual Family Appreciation Day to kick off the summer! Bringing over 30 families to Tomahawk Lake this year for a fun-filled day of waterslides, swimming, and BBQ. We are so grateful for those who have been a part of a prevention program and those able to attend this day!

The weather cooperated beautifully allowing families to take full advantage of the lake day, sending kids down slides, getting dumped on by buckets, and of course ice cream. Taking to the waterslides, participants excitedly discussed summer plans, graduation experiences, and surprises waiting in line for the Rocky Mountain. Children got to race down the four-lane Crazy Horse Run, encouraging each other and predicting who may win. Entertainingly, parents got to test their nerves with the fast and furious slide Geronimo

The prevention team greatly appreciates all participants across our various programs and their dedication to themselves, each other, and the overall community. Want to see what new slides they might have next year? Partner with our prevention programs and be part of the conversation.