Social Anxiety Post-Pandemic

As more of America becomes vaccinated and states begin to open some of the Covid guidelines, everyone is itching to get back to “normal”. It has been an isolating year and the normal we once knew may feel like a foreign land. It can be compared to that feeling we all once knew when we were out sick from school and the first day back, we felt those butterflies form in our stomachs. Except this time, it has not been a few days but a whole year of not interacting with people around us. These butterflies probably feel bigger and the exhaustion from activities may feel overwhelming. It is important during this time to still only participate in activities that make you feel comfortable and to give yourself time to ease back into this life we once knew. Dip your toe in by getting dinner with a group of people you trust. Still take solace in those walks or hikes that got you through the pandemic. Surround yourself with those that fill you up, not drain you. Laugh at yourself when you have an awkward interaction with someone, because we all know that is bound to happen after this long year. And as exciting as this all is, if it is too much too quick, slow down and only participate in what you can handle. Talk to others who may feel this same anxiety and seek help from a professional if the feeling is overwhelming. There are also many resources and articles that can help with these feelings as well. Overall, be sure to listen to yourself and understand that your mind has overcome so much this past year and connecting with others that love and care for you will help heal some of this isolation we have all experienced. But some days when socializing seems too difficult, it’s still okay to be by yourself and have a self-care day.

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