Miracles Do Happen

Miracles do happen. My experience with change has been internal, profound and constant. Negative thinking, self-sabotage, feeling powerless- those days are hard to forget. But after a while, acceptance was the answer to moving forward. While it will take hard work to accept our past, we do not have to dwell or live in it. People can no longer hurt me with my past mistakes and bad choices, I did that to myself enough. So, finally, I took myself off the defense and I let my actions start to speak for themselves. I no longer justify with my words, I show and prove by bettering myself every day in every way, through furthering my education, volunteering for causes I love, making sure I take the time for self-care and enjoying the moment and getting excited for the days ahead of me- not stressing the days behind me. I had to let others take their time, while I took mine. Now, I let my actions speak for themselves. I have used the negative experiences of my life and turned them into my power, my passion and my goal to help others.

While it may be uncomfortable at first, take the steps to thrust yourself forward to a place of hope, taking back control of your life, and changing that negative mindset to positive thinking. This journey is no quick fix. Remove the victim mentality and replace it with empowerment. Just because we lost control in the past does not mean we cannot get it back. Take some time to get to know yourself, learn how to not only allow yourself to feel emotions, but to express them in a healthy way. When you feel lost and uneasy, ask for help. Not all pathways to recovery are the same, but the help is out there. The best thing I did was leave the past behind. What has happened has helped me get to where I am today, but it does not define me. Focus on the present moment. Focus on your happiness. Be positive and hopeful about your goals, then go out there and achieve them, little by little every day! It can be done, life is good!

“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.”

– Steve Mariboli