The Benefits of Family Services

By: Christina Fagan, Recovery Centers Manager

What are Family Services?

Community-based services assisting and supporting loved ones as they care for friends and family struggling with substance use.


Having multiple family service groups allows people to choose what best fits their household. At CARES, we provide a weekly Alanon meeting on Wednesday night at 6pm and a CRAFT family meeting on Thursday at 7pm. We also offer individual CRAFT sessions with a trained CRAFT peer for those interested in a more private or in-depth session.

Our staff believes that everyone is recovering from something, this includes family members, loved ones and friends. Our meetings provide folks with the opportunity to learn about effective strategies for helping their loved ones as well as the opportunity to get to know other individuals faced with similar situations. Individuals can choose what program best fits their life and their recovery pathway while gaining support from likeminded individuals. Although the philosophy of each pathway is different, the common denominator of each one is self-care.     

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