What is the Partnership for Success?

By Carly Sinnott

The Partnership For Success (PFS) from SAMHSA is focused on reducing prescription drug and heroin abuse among 12 – 25 year old youth. It is meant to strengthen prevention capacity and infrastructure at the community and state level. This will be done through using the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) with a specific workgroup. In Morris County, (and all across New Jersey), the community coalitions are partnering with the CIACC’s (or YSAC’s) to create lasting connections.

The Youth Services Advisory Committee meets monthly to discuss different trends and outcomes in Morris County. PIK has been a part of this group for some time now and attends each meeting. A substance use subcommittee has been made to focus on the PFS grant. In these meetings, the focus is on the SPF model and making sure we are looking at the substance abuse youth related issues through a prevention lens. Presentations have been done for the entire group to make sure everyone is aware of the steps and processes that go into the SPF model. An important part of the grant is ensuring more youth providers are aware of the prevention programs that exist in the county. Another focus that has been a huge part of the grant is ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). PIK has already formed a new workgroup to really focus on ACEs.

The PFS grant is still in stage 2 of its development but it has already proven to create lasting connections with various youth providers. While also informing these professionals of the prevention programs and how to use the SPF.