ACEs Action Team Member Highlight: Hear How the 16 Strong Project is Addressing ACEs

16 Strong Project is a national organization that engages youth in adverse childhood experience (ACEs) awareness and recognition. We are dedicated to empowering resilience to ACEs through youth-led initiatives, educational workshops, school partnerships, and community outreach. 16 Strong focuses specifically on what we can do to support young people in understanding their situations and experiences with ACEs while also developing the skills and strategies necessary to overcome the challenges in a positive, healthy manner. We wholeheartedly believe that young people can thrive despite their adversity, and it starts with recognition and awareness.

The 16 Strong approach focuses on involving and educating youth directly about ACEs. We support youth in being advocates and leaders in their own schools and communities around ACEs and mental health. Our youth-led initiatives (including Youth Advocacy Board and Student Ambassador Program) are designed to empower youth to use their voices and experiences to make change and support their peers. We provide support and guidance to our youth leaders on an ongoing basis throughout their involvement in the program.

A few of our other initiatives include: an educational workshop run in partnership with school counselors, an online storytelling platform that invites individuals to share their experiences with ACEs and mental health, resources available online, and the opportunity for students to start club chapters in their schools. Overall, 16 Strong strives to educate and raise awareness around ACEs while starting conversations in spaces where they need to be had. It starts with conversations and recognition, and it ends with hope for a healthy, successful future for our youth.

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