By: B Teed, LINCS COVID Social Support Coordinator

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruption in employment, business, educational systems, health care, and other core areas of community life.  While organizations have responded quickly to meet the needs of residents impacted by COVID-19, rates and levels of anxiety, depression, traumatic stress, and psychological distress have increased.  Many Morris County residents continue to struggle with unemployment and an inability to pay rent and utilities. 

If you or someone you know are behind in rent, The NJ Department of Community Affairs continues to accept applications for the COVID-19 rental assistance program (CVERAP Phase II).  For more information, to check eligibility, or to apply, please go to or call (609) 490-4550. 

To find information and resources in Morris County, follow this link for the Morris County Division of Public Health Social Support manual:

For a referral or to get help now, please feel free to call me at 862-259-1002 or email