Building a Just Future Together

By: Christopher Goeke, Executive Director

Back to the future….

Apart from it being my birthday, (something I’m not really acknowledging much anymore), it is the point on the calendar where we tend to cast our gaze backwards in time to find some wisdom, hope and inspiration moving forward. This year my gaze went quite a bit further than the calendar year; it went all the way to the starting point of Prevention Is Key. It’s good to revisit those long buried cornerstones that make up the foundation of that which you have been building for almost two decades. It is the opportunity to revisit the questions; why does this organization exist and what do we believe? One tends to think if you sit in the “big chair” organizationally speaking, you automatically “know” the WHY of the organization, however the converse is more often true. All organizations know what they do and most know how they do it but few have more than a vague sense of the reason WHY they exist and what they believe.  Why is neither vision nor mission, it supersedes both and forms the cornerstone upon which the organization is built.  So, for the record, in the case of Prevention Is Key, our why reads like this:

PIK exists to prevent early and unnatural death and to promote the health and wellness of the people, families, and communities we serve.

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, disrupting underperforming systems, approaching intractable social problems differently, driving innovative solutions and improving the health and wellbeing of everyone we touch.

We believe that Every Person we encounter, regardless of circumstance, has innate value, health, wellness, creativity, goodness, resourcefulness and is deserving of our respect, compassion, and kindness Every Day.

At Prevention Is Key, we are Every Person, Every day.

Why is always a look to the distant past, to the origins and beginnings of an agency. However, our work is always in front of us and forms the future. A place and an idea where we can invest ourselves and our talents in the pursuit of some improved state of being,….a Just Cause. Our cause is what we are working towards together; though an unachievable state of perfection, it is the ideal that each of us can give ourselves and our talents to in the pursuit of a better world. Our Just Cause here at Prevention Is Key is thus:

Together we strive to build a future where addiction, suffering, and loss are unknown.

A future where health, wellness, compassion, understanding, and acceptance are the norm.

A future where Recovery is as ubiquitous as the air we breathe.

All of us at PIK wish all of you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!!