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How Can I Set Goals During Time of Uncertainty?

by PIK

By Katy Bednarsky If the past year has taught us anything, it is that we can place so much time, energy, and focus into planning for the future when so much can change without warning....Learn More

Building Resiliency during COVID-19

by PIK

by B Teed The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many stressful challenges to our daily lives. We’ve learned how to social distance to reduce the spread of COVID-19, leaving us feeling lonely...Learn More

The Impact of COVID-19 & Young Athletes

by PIK

How to Keep Our Young Athletes Healthy & Safe By Ashley Brown As new sports season begin, it is important to start slow & build gradually. The pandemic has undoubtedly challenged the...Learn More

Peer Recovery Philosophy

by Patrick Roff

Reciprocity implies multitudes of who and how we help and heal each other. Thus it is the second pillar of a Peer Recovery Philosophy (PRP). As defined by Webster’s Dictionary, reciprocity implies...Learn More

COVID-19: Vaccine Rollout in New Jersey

by PIK

By Matt McGovern The past year has been the most challenging time of our lives in facing the COVID-19 pandemic. New Jersey has been particularly...Learn More

Overdose Epidemic: How did it get this bad?

by PIK

By Samantha Neville, LSW The CDC has identified three distinctive waves of the opioid overdose epidemic. The first wave began around the 1990s with the massive increase in prescription opioids...Learn More

What Marijuana Legalization Means for New Jersey Youth

by Barbara Kauffman

After making marijuana legal to use for medical reasons in 2010, New Jersey has now made it legal to use for any reason. More than three months after New Jerseyans voted to legalize...Learn More

Recognizing and Dealing with Stress and Anxiety!

by PIK

By Nissim Hayes, Youth Mentor Life constantly comes with its stressors and anxiety inducing problems and the current state of the world certainly does not help! It’s important to figure out...Learn More

ACEs: A Call to Action

by Barbara Kauffman

ACEs stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences. The first study was done in 1998 and followed the criteria in the above photo. The study was done in an area of mostly white, middle class, college...Learn More