Movies in the Park 2023

          Standing online to get my scoop of s’mores ice cream, I took a second to admire the present moment in front of me. Over one hundred and forty community members gathered on Thomas Jefferson Middle School’s field watching Disney’s Elemental with perfect fall weather! 

This year’s attendance over quadrupled years past thanks to previous attendees spreading the word, local community associations, and mentees inviting mentees. On her way to the event, Mentor Arielle approached a group of teenage boys on bicycles and inquired about their attendance to the movie. Later on, this same group of teenagers rode their bikes over to the movie and changed intentions for the night. 

Mentees attended from all over Morris county – Mentees arrived excited to spend time with their mentors and challenge their friends to some yard games before settling into the movie. Guardians got to witness and engage with mentoring relationships established through the 2020-2023 PEER mentoring groups. 

We look forward to seeing where Prevention in the Park will go from here and encourage anyone who wants to attend this or similar events to join Prevention is Key’s newsletter!