Tackling Opioids through Prevention (TOP) Conference 2023

On Tuesday, September 19th, we held our annual TOP Conference! It was an opportunity to connect with numerous people concerned about the health of community and student athletes. Headlined by Bryan Murphy of MurphsElite, who told a powerful story of his experience being an injured D1 player and battling back from the dangers of substance dependency.

Thank you to Bryan for sharing such a vulnerable story and to everybody that joined the event! It was an invaluable lesson to parents of student athletes, trainers and coaches, and of course, to the athletes themselves. 

Thank you as well to our corporate sponsor, Pacira, for taking the time to speak about their product line, which offers non-opioid based options for pain management.

Not only is it important to be aware of the opioid crisis in our community but also be aware of what the people close to us might be going through as well. Offering them support and different options before and after an unfortunate injury could make all the difference.