Newlyweds Donate $500 to PIK CARES in Place of Wedding Favors

When Christopher and Tiphanie Slack planned their wedding, they had a lot of financial decisions to make—the easiest among them: how to thank their guests for celebrating with them. In lieu of the standard wedding favor, they decided to donate $500 to Prevention is Key’s Center for Addiction Recovery Education and Success (PIK CARES) on behalf of their family and friends.

Personally impacted by substance use disorder, the couple wanted to make a marked difference in the fight against a disease that claims the lives of thousands of Americans every year—and impacts millions. The donation was made in memory of Sergio Fernandez, a close friend who lost his life to an overdose, and in celebration of those thriving in recovery, including Christopher himself.

Though Christopher and Tiphanie knew at the outset that their wedding celebration would include financial support for the cause, they fell just short of identifying an organization that fit the bill. So, when Dan Nelson, Christopher’s cousin, suggested Prevention is Key’s very successful peer-to-peer recovery program, the pair knew that was the way to go. As a longtime supporter of CARES and member of the recovery community, Dan also took it upon himself to create a CARES resource table for display at the wedding.

All proceeds will go directly to support the needs of those in or seeking recovery from problematic substance use. The donation is the first of its kind for PIK CARES—but hopefully not the last.