Prevention is Key Opening Recovery Center in Burlington County to Support Residents with Addiction

Rockaway, N.J. (Oct. 23, 2020) – Prevention is Key (PIK), a north Jersey-based non-profit substance misuse prevention agency, today announced the opening of a Recovery Resource Center (RRC) in Burlington County, NJ, giving residents access to addiction treatment programs, recovery support services and community resources. 

Located at the Burlington County Human Services Facility in Westampton Township, the RRC serves as a safe environment where individuals from all recovery backgrounds can come together to receive peer-to-peer support, with access to training services and social, educational and recreational opportunities.  

“With addiction on the rise and an increase in overdose-related deaths in Burlington County, we are excited to partner with the Burlington County Department of Public Health in the fight against the disease of addiction,” said Chris Goeke, Executive Director, Prevention is Key. “We are eager to make a difference in the lives of those who have embarked on the brave journey of recovery.” 

“We want residents to be able to come to the center for help and to continue to have a voice in the support we provide them,” said Erika Shortway, Director of Recovery Services, Prevention is Key. 

“The Recovery Room will fill an important need in the continuum of drug treatment and recovery,” Prosecutor Coffina said. “It will provide important peer support for people looking to overcome addiction, and in particular, assistance with developing life skills and providing ‘recovery capital’ to sustain recovery as a complement to treatment and meetings. Congratulations to the Board and our Department of Human Services for establishing this important resource for our county, and we look forward to working with them to help those facing substance use disorder find their way to a healthy and fulfilling future for themselves and their families.”

The center also offers wellness activities and classes on nutrition, anger management, relaxation and meditation and resume writing, and provides meeting space for groups like Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The RRC has been funded by a grant from the Burlington County Department of Human Services.

About Prevention Is Key 

Prevention is Key (PIK) is a 501(c)3 organization that has successfully delivered culturally competent, evidence-based prevention services in Morris County and the surrounding counties for 30 years. The agency was founded in 1989 to coordinate substance abuse prevention in Morris County. From our roots as a resource center and awareness campaign agency with a modest budget to our current implementation of both direct service and environmental change strategies, including the addition of the Center for Addiction Recovery and Success (CARES) Peer to Peer Recovery Center, it has made PIK the premiere substance abuse prevention agency in north-central New Jersey. For more information, visit