Prevention is Key Receives Grant from the County of Morris to Support CARES’ Recovery Support Services

Prevention Is Key (PIK), a north Jersey-based non-profit substance abuse prevention agency, announced today that it has received grant funding for 2020 from the Morris County Department of Human Services Division of Community and Behavioral Health Services for continued support of the agency’s CARES (Center for Addition and Recovery Education Services) initiative.

Funding will be allocated to three existing services currently offered through the Recovery Support Services program, plus two additional enhancements.

Existing priorities include:

  • Narcan 2.0: A drug overdose initiative that offers peer counseling to Morris County residents who have overdosed and had their condition reversed in the field through the administration of Narcan (naloxone).
  • Easily Accessible Recovery Support Services: Assistance offered by Peer Recovery Specialist for those awaiting placement in a treatment program, leaving treatment or in recovery. Recovery Support Services are offered not only at the CARES location, but also through local outreach centers and the Morris County Sheriff’s Department Hope One Mobile Response Unit.
  • Peer to Peer Recovery Coaching: A formalized, co-created relationship between a Peer Recovery Specialist and an individual that removes barriers, provides relevant resources, holds individuals accountable and helps them rebuild their lives and reintegrate into the community.

Additional program enhancements supported by the grant include:

  • Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT): An evidence-based support services program for family members that not only boasts a 70% success rate in encouraging loved ones to attend treatment, but also helps family members improve their own health and wellness in the process.
  • Comprehensive Case Management: A collaborative process of assessment, planning, coordination of care, evaluation and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and family’s comprehensive health needs that support safety, quality of care and cost-effective outcomes.

This marks the fifth consecutive year that PIK has received funding for Recovery Support Services, contributing the ongoing success of the program.