Your monthly “Peer-spective:” Why the recovery community was so quick to adapt amid a pandemic

Hi all,

I sincerely hope this article finds you well. I was asked to write the monthly “Peer-spective” article on the importance of staying connected in a time when we are all being asked to socially distance ourselves to slow the spread of COVID-19. Personally, I felt the effects of COVID-19 on March 15th. I had just arrived in Killington, VT, ready for a long weekend of skiing and snowboarding, when the word got out the resort was closing due to COVID-19. I instantly knew things were getting very serious. I started to wonder what will happen at the Recovery Center (Prevention is Key – CARES) where I work? What will happen to my home group and in-person, face-to-face recovery support groups?

Well, soon I had my answers. The peer specialists at CARES recognized the importance of our meetings and moved them to all virtual. We ran some pilot meetings with just the peer specialists, got the hang of the new software interface (Zoom), and we were up and running. We have seen other recovery professionals, sober houses, peers in recovery and the like in our recovery meetings. The positive feedback has been tremendous, and the idea that one can still recharge his or her recovery battery in a time of forced quarantining and isolation is amazing. The response has been so positive that we are considering implementing zoom technology in our center even when business goes back to normal.

Being open-minded and remaining teachable has been a cornerstone in my own recovery and it is proving to be a valuable asset as we learn to “recover remotely.” The importance of staying connected is at the very root of living a life in recovery. If you feel your meetings are lacking due to quarantine, want some guidance in how CARES is successfully running our remote meetings, or just want to speak with a peer specialist, please take a look at our calendar of recovery meetings or give us a call 973-625-1143. This IS your recovery community and you are worth it!