Prevention Update

PIK’s Prevention Team  is happy to continue its collaboration with The Institute of the Center for Great Expectations to offer more valuable seminars, with the goal of fostering resilient communities, in the upcoming months.

In February,  we are pleased to present a two-part, 5 session series discussing trauma, addiction and healing for the Recovery Community.

Part One of the series, “Concepts – Understanding the Role of Trauma in Our Lives” , will help build a knowledge base of trauma and how it impacts our minds, emotions, and our bodies, while Part Two, “ Applications- Managing the Impact of Trauma, From Surviving to Thriving”, will provide skill development and will  build a toolkit to aid in recovery.

In spring, 2022, PIK, The Institute ,and Atlantic Behavioral Health will offer two three-part series in Infant and Early Childhood Relational Health for Obstetricians, Gynecologists and Pediatricians, providing an overview of trauma and how it affects both birth outcomes and mental health. The Medical community will better understand practical tools they can use to support persons at risk for perinatal mood disorders along with their infants. 

 PIK hopes you will join us in learning more about trauma, resilience and healing! More info to follow…

Barbara Kauffman, MA, CPS

Director of Prevention Services