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Morris County Correctional Training: Working With Traumatized Inmates

Author: Barbara Kauffman

Morris County Correctional Training: Working With Traumatized Inmates

Thanks to tremendous support from Morris County Correctional Facility Warden Chris Klein, Prevention is Key offered an in-person training to Morris County Correctional Facility Employees on September 21st.  Presented by Frank Picone, Chief Training Officer from The Institute of the

Prevention Update

PIK’s Prevention Team  is happy to continue its collaboration with The Institute of the Center for Great Expectations to offer more valuable seminars, with the goal of fostering resilient communities, in the upcoming months. In February,  we are pleased to

“What Happened to You” Book Club

By: Barbara Kauffman, Director of Prevention Services As always, I’m excited about the Prevention Team’s ongoing programs and events that you’ll learn more about later in this newsletter. This fall, though, I’m really excited to talk about a program PIK

What Marijuana Legalization Means for New Jersey Youth

After making marijuana legal to use for medical reasons in 2010, New Jersey has now made it legal to use for any reason.  More than three months after New Jerseyans voted to legalize recreational marijuana in the Garden State, it’s

ACEs: A Call to Action

ACEs stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences. The first study was done in 1998 and followed the criteria in the above photo. The study was done in an area of mostly white, middle class, college educated students. In this population, almost

Bringing ACEs Awareness to the Morris County Community

Having been in the field of substance use disorder prevention for a very long time, I’m always anxious to find new research that helps us understand how to better serve the community, especially our youth. So when I became aware