PIK Peer Recovery Specialist Kelly LaBar Awarded 2021 Heroes Designation for Her Inspiring Work During the Pandemic

Prevention Is Key (PIK), a north Jersey-based non-profit community-based health organization, announced today that its own Kelly LaBar, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, was nominated into Representative Mikie Sherrill’s 2021 Heroes Recognition program. LaBar was selected for her lifesaving work on the Hope One Mobile Recovery Vehicle that offers critical support to individuals struggling with problematic substance use.

Rep. Sherrill launched the program last month to give residents an opportunity to recognize those who made a significant difference to others during the difficult times brought on by the pandemic. Nominated by her Associate Director, Melody Runyon, LaBar earned the notable distinction for the role she played in providing outstanding recovery support services at a time when problematic substance use continues to soar. 

“Kelly works tirelessly providing recovery support services to people who have problematic substance use,” said Runyon. “Whether it is navigation to treatment, a snack, a harm reduction kit, some warm clothing, a smile or kind words that someone needs, Kelly is there.”

“There are so many heroes across the district who have supported members of our community during these difficult times by being a leader, a great inspiration, or caretaker,” said Rep. Sherrill. “This is an excellent opportunity to remind our everyday heroes — whether they are teachers, healthcare providers, first responders, family members, volunteers, or others who have impacted your life in a positive way— that our community is incredibly grateful for their dedication.”

For more information about the 2021 Heroes program and nominees, click here

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